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Dry Mouth Prevention

Saliva acts as a buffer against bacteria and acids that cause cavities. In the absence of sufficient saliva, teeth are at risk for increased decay. A significant number of routinely prescribed medications have known side effects of xerostomia (dry mouth). It is common for elderly patients or patients undergoing extensive treatment for medical conditions to be taking multiple medications that cause dry mouth. Salivary substitutes and sugar-free gum containing xylitol, which cannot be fermented by cavity-causing bacteria that cause and help stimulate salivary flow, are often recommended.

Root Decay

Bone loss and gum recession expose roots of teeth, which have a softer and more cavity prone covering than crowns of teeth. Combined with decreased salivary flow or medication side effects of dry mouth (xerostomia), roots of teeth are especially high risk areas for tooth decay and must be treated aggressively to limit further damage. Glass Ionomer fillings are tooth-colored and recommended to treat root decay in patients of all ages for their advantages of being tolerant of moisture (unlike regular resin-based composite fillings) and intrinsic fluoride component, which protects against recurrent decay.
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